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Authors: Парчевский, В. П.
Бурлакова, З. П.
Крупаткина, Д. К.
Кирикова, В. М.
Title: Многомерный анализ взаимоотношений фитопланктон-среда в Севастопольской бухте
Other Titles: Multidimensional analysis of phytoplankton-environment interrelations in the Sevastopol Bay
Issue Date: 1980
Publisher: Институт биологии южных морей им. А.О. Ковалевского НАН Украины
Language (ISO): Russian
Volume number: 1
Pages: 21-28
Abstract: The paired and multidimensional correlation coefficients were analyzed between phytoplankton (the number and biomass, Chlorophyll a and phosphorus contents in a cell, photosynthesis rate and assimilation number) and the environment (ogranic and inorganic phosprorus, nitrates, nitrites). The reduction of the characters was carried out and the dispersions of the first four basic components were analyzed using the method of basic components. Different aspects of phytoplankton functioning: statical which reflects the development strategy, and dynamic characterizing tactics, are revealed depending on the expression of the number, chlorophyll and phosphorus in a cell as related to water volume or cell biomass. In spite of the phytoplankton provision with phosphorus, an increase of biomass in the volume unit is accompanied by a decrease in the phytoplankton specific parameters photosynthesis rate, chlorophyll a and phosphorus contents in the cells as related to the biomass unit.
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